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About Us

2283 Burrard Street Vancouver, BC V6J 3H9

Tel. No. :  (604) 876-5453

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Store location :  Between 6th & 7th avenue. Across Lexus  Burrard car dealership and 4 doors from London Motors along west side of Burrard street. 

Free customer parking at the underground visitor's parking.

Store hours :  10:00 am to 6:00 pm  Monday to Saturday

Lantern Lighting Company is well established within BC lighting industry since 2004. A lamp repair store & full service lighting company with specialty of antique chandelier & lamp restoration highly recommended by lighting stores, antique shops, electrical contractors and restoration companies. The store is located in the Kitsilano neighbourhood in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada.

We offer repair services for aquarium fluorescent lighting fixture, store name fluorescent lighting, store  sign board, LED lighting fixture, tiffany lamp, chandelier, pendant, track lighting, wall sconce, table lamp, floor lamp, indoor lighting, and outdoor lighting fixtures.

We provide rewire and restoration repair services for lamps, lighting fixtures, antique lamp & chandelier as well conversion for European to North American electrical and wiring standards.

We offer conversion to LED for lamps and lamp and lighting fixture based incandescent, fluorescent and CFL in any home, strata building and commercial buildings. 

We repair tiffany glass shades for table lamp, floor lamps and pendants.

We feature hard to find lighting parts, LED bulbs, light bulbs, crystal chandeliers, lampshades, glass shades, table lamps, floor lamps, track lighting, recessed lighting, pendant lighting & including replacement crystal pieces.

Our Lighting fixture products are classified using either LED's, Halogen, incandescent, Compact fluorescent or fluorescent tubes technology.

We offer a very competitive retail & commercial price for all our product lines especially LED bulbs.

Also, we provide a bulk sale discounts to all building electricians, contractors,  managers, interior designers, architects ,city and town maintenance departments in Canada. 

Repair, Conversion & Installation Services

We offer antique chandelier restoration, rewiring, cleaning and lighting fixture repair. We offer repair services for lighting fixture & lamps, LED lighting fixtures and lamps, track lighting, aquarium fluorescent light fixture, Store name fluorescent sign boards repair, as well rewire and conversion of lamps & lighting fixtures to Canadian electrical code standard. 

We have an extensive selection of lighting parts  & our lighting repair service can repair any lighting. We can repair or convert antique or European chandelier & lighting fixture to modern lighting electrical standard from simple re-wiring to full restoration.

Additionally, we offer lighting fixture conversion service. We can convert just about anything into working lighting system.

Whether it be tea cups, statue, vase, picture frame or a top hat, we can convert it into customized lighting to match your taste. For example, we can convert your tea cups into pendant lighting.

Every art piece that isn't thrown out but rather put to new use and every lamp or lighting fixture that is repaired, means less waste in our landfills.

Don't throw out your art piece or lighting until you have at least consulted with us about cost to convert or repair it. We provide FREE estimates.

Contact ustoday for a free quotation.

Crystal Chandelier Cleaning - Residential & Commercial

We provide professional chandelier cleaning service to residences, business, hotels, churches, schools etc.

Our chandelier cleaning service will bring back the sparkle & shine in your chandelier.

Whether you have 1 crystal chandelier or many, we can get the job done.

High ceilings is not a problem for us too. We have the necessary equipment to safely clean your crystal chandelier.

We will also change your light bulbs & you can sign an annual maintenance contract, to keep your crystal chandelier looking great & save you cleaning cost.

We can also provide our lighting repair service for antique to modern chandeliers while we clean.

We also carry a very wide selection of lighting parts or can special order parts for you. 

Lighting Fixtures & Lamps

We offer a wide assortment of Dining, Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom & Living room fixtures like

Ceiling, Wall Lamps, Track Lighting, LED lighting fixtures, Chandeliers & Outdoor lighting Fixtures.

We convert chandeliers & ceiling fixtures, table & floor lamps from antique or European to modern styles.

If we don't have what you are looking for, you can look through our many product catalogues & we can special order for you.

Additionally, our lighting repair service can fully restore any table lamp you may have.

Our lighting conversion service can convert anything you may have into a table lamp.

Light Bulbs

Whether you need LED Bulbs, incandescents, fluorescents, halogens, full spectrum, grow lights, heat lamps, black lights or Christmas bulbs, we carry every type of light bulb at any output level.

If we don't have what you want, we can special order it for you.

If your lighting fixture takes expensive & hard to find light bulbs, our lighting conversion service can convert it to take less expensive ones.

Usually, our customers want to convert their lighting from a regular socket to a trilite socket, so they can have a range of light settings.